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Our areas of expertise


Clusterisation, classification, and prediction systems, neural networks and artificial intelligence systems.

Ready to deploy system for bank operation categorisation, product recommendation, audience look-a-like selection.

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Polish and english natural language processing and analysis. Bots for natural language content creation based on structured data. Information extraction. Search and semantic query analysis.

Ready to deploy Semantic Search Engine that parses natural language queries (e.g. ‘grocery last month > 100 pln’ or ‘mean monthly income from last 12 months’) for e-banking and mobile banking.

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High availability, high-efficiency Big Data systems, that can handle
>50 000 events/second in a single production environment.
Our ready to use platforms and components include:

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We constantly monitor state-of-the-art solutions and ideas and look at how to make them work in practice. We dedicate significant efforts to R&D and employ postgraduates and researchers from leading universities.

We co-finance some of our projects with the National Centre for Research and Development (state-level organization). You can read more about one of our initiative here:

Marketing campaigns optimisation – ML-based project co-financed by NCBiR

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For whom do we do?

Industries we specialise in


Our advanced algorithms make the information published on the web more valuable, and the ads perfectly tailored to the audience.

We collect and analyse information about a website's users, which enables us to create and display advertising that is perfectly matched to them. Our solutions make marketing activities extremely effective, which significantly increases sales.

Moreover, our natural language processing expertise allows us to create advanced systems that detect fake news and combat hate speech.


Every month we handle billions of ad impressions. We create solutions that help marketing teams create, distribute and measure any campaigns' performance.

Using in-depth analysis of user behaviour, interests and preferences, we create AI-based solutions that increase ads' effectiveness.

Our AI-based systems increase ROI and allow marketers to advertise on more channels. These solutions save time of marketing teams and maximise the company's sales.


We create advanced mobile and internet banking apps that deliver a better user experience. They help to manage personal finances and keep up with the spendings.

Our banking systems are used to interpret customers' commands, which makes online banking easier and more intuitive than it has ever been.

Moreover, they are compatible with Speech-To-Text libraries for creating Voice Controlled Solution, which is key to the new generation of banking.

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and the good news is: we’re hiring!
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We’re constantly looking for ambitious and ready-to-learn students/young professionals and more experienced ones, who:

  • love to learn new competencies,
  • have an interest in new technologies,
  • have even some basic knowledge of technologies:
    Python, Java, Go Lang, Swift, JavaScript, HTML+CSS
  • like to work in projects that have significant market visibility…

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