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Using the latest innovations in Generative AI, we focus on developing practical solutions that improve business communication and information management. Our expertise in GenAI includes:

  • AI-powered conversational assistants – enhancing customer interaction with intelligent, responsive conversational chatbots
  • Advanced knowledge management – utilising semantic search tools to streamline information discovery and decision-making
  • Process optimisation – employing AI-driven automation to improve operational efficiency and productivity

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We deliver solutions that transform complex data into actionable insights and predictive models. They empower businesses to make informed decisions quickly. Our offer includes:

  • Custom AI models – tailored for precise predictions, classifications, and data analyses
  • Deep learning applications – enabling real-time decision-making and strategic planning
  • Competitive advantages – leveraging the latest AI research to provide a strategic edge in data-driven decision-making

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We offer a diverse set of AI-driven solutions in Advertising Technology designed to enhance the efficiency and ROI of digital marketing campaigns. Our key services include:

  • Advanced ad targeting systems – utilising machine learning for increased engagement and conversions
  • Programmatic buying – optimising efficiency and ROI with advanced real-time bidding platforms
  • Comprehensive ad performance analytics – offering in-depth insights for ongoing campaign optimisation

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We create solutions that turn complex audiovisual databases into easily searchable and accessible digital sources. Our services for processing audio and video include:

  • Sophisticated recognition systems – analysing and categorising media content to enable content moderation and metadata tagging
  • Real-time processing – for applications like live streaming, surveillance, and event detection
  • Personalised media experiences – enhancing user engagement through AI-driven insights

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Our products

Knowledge Chat

Knowledge Chat is a conversational tool using large language models to provide instant, accurate customer support by accessing extensive knowledge bases, universal in wide range of areas.

Semantic Search Engine

Semantic Search Engine is a solution that smartly interprets user queries and finds the best matches based on the search's real meaning, ensuring more accurate and relevant search results.

Media Search Engine

Media Search Engine is a system enhancing the discoverability of audiovisual content, offering advanced search capabilities across extensive media libraries.

Media Indexing Engine

Media Indexing Engine is an AI-based solution designed to organise and categorise audiovisual content efficiently, simplifying media search and management process.

AdTech: Data Management

Data Management Platform is a comprehensive system that centralises and organises large volumes of data from various sources, enabling targeted marketing strategies and deeper audience insights.

AdTech: Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation System is a solution created to automate diverse marketing campaigns, from display advertising to email marketing, simplifying strategy optimisation and user personalisation.

AdTech: OpenRTB Bidders

OpenRTB Bidders are versatile systems employing real-time bidding technology to automate the buying and selling of ads, enabling advertisers to maximise ad spend efficiency and ROI.

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine is a tool that analyses online users' behaviour and preferences to suggest personalised content, products or services, improving user experience and engagement.

Deep Content Understanding

Deep Content Understanding is a deep learning system providing advanced content analysis for identifying its meaning and context, vital for publishers, content creators and marketers.

Content Moderation Platform

Content Moderation Platform is an AI-powered solution that ensures digital spaces are safe and free of hate speech by automatically detecting and managing inappropriate comments.

Trend-Driven Journalism

Trend-Driven Journalism is a solution that employs data analytics to identify emerging news and publishing trends, perfect for the dynamic needs of news agencies, digital publishers, and content creators.

SEO Tool

SEO Tool is an AI-based solution that optimises online content for search engines, improving search rankings and online visibility, crucial for digital marketing and online publishing.

Personal Finance Management

PFM is a system offering insights into customers' financial behaviour, categorising their transactions into various groups and presenting the spending patterns in a user-friendly interface.

Marketing campaigns optimisation

As part of our R&D work, we created the Advanced Recommendation and Remarketing Platform, that was co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development. More about this project:

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