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Banks & Financial Institutions

Semantic Engine – search and navigation with great user experience in web and mobile banking (parsing natural language queries like ‘pay 120 for cable tv’ or ‘last week spendings >200 pln’)

Operation Categorisation Engine – machine lerning based history operation classifier with custom categories hierarchy, custom user categories and rules, and learning capabilities.

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Web Search & Crawling

Web crawling and information extractions. Simulating web users’ behaviours.

Ready systems for website monitoring and documenting (screenshots), updates monitoring and version comparison, big scale information extraction.

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Web & Mobile Application Development

Strong Python, Java, GO, and Swift competences. Building advanced web systems, and native iOS and Android applications.

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Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing and analysis. Bots for natural language content creation based on structured data. Information extraction. Search and semantic query analysis.

Ready to deploy Semantic Search Engine that parses natural language queries (e.g. ‘grocery last month > 100 pln’ or ‘mean monthly income from last 12 months’) for e-banking and mobile banking.

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Advertising Technology

High availability, high efficiency Big Data systems. Predictive analyticsDMP, SSP, DSP and Marketing Automation platforms. Yield optimisation systems. Processing >50 000 events/second in single production environment.

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Machine Learning

Clusterisation, classification and prediction systems, neural networks and artificial intelligence systems.

Ready to deploy system for bank operation categorisation, product recommendation, audience look-a-like selection.


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and the good news is: we’re hiring!

We’re constantly looking for ambitious and ready-to-learn students/young professionals, and more experienced ones.

We are provider of very sophisticated solutions for customers like T-Mobile, Grupa Wirtualna Polska, BZ WBK and many others.

So, if you:
  • love to learn new competences,
  • have interest in new technologies,
  • have even some basic knowledge in technologies:
    Python, Java, Go Lang, Swift, JavaScript, HTML+CSS
  • like to work in projects that has big market visibility…
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