After high school is over the longest summer vacation awaits. You have already chosen a course at a university and everything is set. However, earlier or later, questions regarding working during your course will be born. Is it worth it? Is it possible to combine daily duties with job and work during studies?

Should I try bartending or aim for something related to my university course? My answer is to try and start your career early on. Here are 5 reasons to prove that work during studies at a university is the right course of action.

1. You will gain the skills needed for your future job

5 reasons to start work during studies – You will gain the skills needed for your future job

University provides you with plenty of theory and knowledge but doesn’t really grant a ton of practical skills and therefore lacks preparation for your future job. You can only earn valuable practical skills while working and getting real experience. Starting early on will help you avoid feeling out of place during your first serious job interview after graduation.

2. Your bank account balance will grow

5 reasons to start work during studies – Your bank account balance will grow

Of course, having a job means a steady income, which is always needed. However, when choosing a part-time ‘typical student’ job, like bartending, you are not adding experiences to your resume. This means that while you will have a steady income during your university course, you will have a much tougher situation after graduation.

With experience, after college, you will be able to apply for more advanced jobs which offer a much better salary. After graduation, you won’t have to start from simple low-paid jobs, but will be able to apply for those higher, better-paid positions!

3. You probably have some spare time

5 reasons to start work during studies – You probably have some spare time

Let’s be honest, even if you think that you are very busy with studying, there is still time to party, go on field trips, and to binge-watch the entire season of Game of Thrones. Don’t get me wrong, university is the perfect time and place to meet new people, party, and travel, however, it’s not all it’s good for. It’s also a time to learn, gain experience, and mature.

At work, you will earn valuable practical skills needed in a future career

You do not need to financially support anybody but yourself. You don’t also have as many obligations as the future adult life will bring. It would be a good idea to count how many hours you spend at your university a week and how much time you actually commit to studying for exams. This way you can assess how many spare hours you could have for work while keeping up with your university course. Of course, everybody is in a different life situation and if you truly have your schedule filled with other obligations then it’s perfectly fine to wait for a better period when you will have more time to spare.

4. The spectrum of job offers will be more diverse

5 reasons to start work during studies – The spectrum of job offers will be more diverse

With work experience you will be more ‘employable’ when you graduate. After all, everyone finishes with the same degree. The moment you will get your university degree, so will every other student in your course. That means, the potential employers will have hundreds of people to consider hiring with the same degree. You have to find something that makes you STAND OUT in a crowd.

By working while studying you will not only be more experienced than other graduates. You will also show your future employer that you are ambitious and hard-working.

5. It can be fun!

Don’t forget that working can also be a fun experience. You have a chance to meet great and ambitious people and work in the field, that you are interested in. Moreover, you can discover your possibilities and challenge yourself in plenty of ways. Of course, not every job is all unicorns and rainbows. That is why it is important to commit enough time and effort into finding one that suits your requirements best. Because if you find such one you will very likely find it much more enjoyable and rewarding than your university course.


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As you can see there are some strong points to consider when starting a career early on. Of course, it’s easier said than done but it never hurt anyone to try. Just sit down, write your resume and search for jobs that might suit you. Send out those resumes regularly and, eventually, you will hear a response.

Browsing job offers, you learn the specifics of the job market

Even if you don’t succeed at getting a job you will get a first idea of what is out there. It will show you what skills and competences are required in today’s job market and how close you are to those requirements. Additionally, going to interviews will teach you what type of questions are asked and how to prepare better for other ones. With that being said, you might only benefit from trying.