WEBSENSA is a software company located in Warsaw that is always on the lookout for ambitious programmers. Our primary focus is around Banking & Finance, Advertising and Marketing. However, we don’t limit ourselves to these. If a new challenge comes up we are excited to take it on. We realise individual projects for businesses, as well as create our own. All that makes WEBSENSA a good choice for starting or continuing a programmer career.

Are you an upcoming or more experienced programmer, looking for a job? Read this article and discover the reasons why it’s the right place to start your programmer career. Check whether you would be a good fit for our company.

1. Diverse projects

9 reasons to start a programmer career in WEBSENSAIn our work, we try to take on as many ambitious and diverse projects as possible. Our main field of interest and the one we try to thrive in is artificial intelligence.

We enjoy working on projects that allow us to involve the application of AI. We believe it has been one of the leading technology trends in the last few years. Many of our other projects also concern machine learning technology. We strongly believe that using this technologies should be an integral part of any programmer career.

Here are some projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on: 

  • With the use of machine learning we have completed a project that automatically classified bank operations; one of our clients for this project was Bank Santander.
  • We did a system to handle the process of eliminating damages for start-ups from the insurance industry.
  • We designed an app for T-mobile called MyBox which is a store for android users (an alternative store for Google Play).
  • Together with the OMD Poland Media Agency and MacDonalds Poland we did an Image Recognition System that detected which MacDonald’s products were presented on Instagram photos with the hashtag mamsmakanamaca.

If you want to read more about the above and other projects using AI technology – read this article.

2. Our core competencies – all in the technological avant-garde

The technology we work with, such as AI and big data, are all in the technological avant-garde.We always trail what is currently up to date on the market and in the technology field. Our employees do not use outdated methods nor technologies, as we want our final work to be top-notch. We are not afraid to use new solutions in our projects. We believe that new methods have a considerably bigger chance to bring quicker and better results.

3. Non-commercial projects

9 reasons to start a programmer career in WEBSENSAEven though we try to take on projects for clients that are diverse and ambitious, they usually come with some strings attached and somewhat put boundaries on our creativity.

Due to that, we decided to commit one day a week to non-commercial projects where there are no limits put on any aspect: the team, the project, the area of expertise, etc. We brainstorm new ideas all in terms of RTD (research and technological development). Then, we expand on those which we find to be holding the biggest potential, are interesting, and generally fun to work on.

We are more than willing to take on projects no one has ever made an attempt at and find our own solution. During Fridays we can let our creativity loose, people are free to choose their teams based on their preferences and not the area of expertise, and those who are willing can try themselves in a completely new and unknown field.

Employees can try themselves in a completely new and unknown field

An example of such a project would be Freeeze app that we have started working on over a year ago. The idea was to get a picture of a person doing something active with two phones to make this person appear to be ‘frozen’. It was to give an impression as if the time has stopped and a ‘camera’ was able to circulate that person in this time period from the position of one phone to another.

At the time of writing this article, the project is still under development. We are able to generate images of slightly lower quality than the quality of the input images. This is not satisfactory for us, so we are looking for better methods to solve this problem.

4. Personal Development

9 reasons to start a programmer career in WEBSENSAAt WEBSENSA we put a strong emphasis on personal development. We want people who constantly want to thrive, develop and improve. WEBSENSA employees need to have an internal need for self-improvement and growth. We realise, however, that especially those younger, less experienced employees often lack a clear lookout at their distant goals (careerwise). That is why, each quarter, we hold ‘personal-development meetings’ with every single employee to discuss their programmer career.

At WEBSENSA we put a strong emphasis on personal development

On the meetings we set their personal goals, as well as our common ones. At the end we pinpoint the long-term and short-term objectives and define the perspectives in our employees career. During these meetings, employees are shown a full spectrum of possibilities that this company can provide them with. It is of huge importance for us that WEBSENSA employees choose a career path that matches their competencies, abilities, preferences and personality.

5. Autonomy

WEBSENSA employees have both autonomy and independence while working, as we try to be as far from micromanagement as possible. To make that possible, we hire people with particular character features. We pay attention to aspects like maturity in terms of the ability to organise their work and time.

Employees have both autonomy and independence while working

When it comes to development we do not only take care for broadening the spectrum of skills and competences in the field. We also focus on the ability to take on more responsibility, communicate easier with the rest of the team, and increase the scale of problems they can bring solutions for. In your programmer career we give you the means for autonomy and encourage people to take on bigger responsibilities with time.

6. Small company = BIG opportunities

9 reasons to start a programmer career in WEBSENSAWe find the fact that our team consists of less than 30 people to be a huge benefit. A small company means that a single employee has an opportunity to test their abilities in more than one field. There are no narrow and specified positions because we believe that it is not only the cause of boredom but it also prevents people from thriving.

Small company means: diverse projects, various roles, and development in many directions

We provide an environment where it is possible to develop one’s multiple skills simultaneously and therefore T-shape our employees. A T-shaped person is an expert with a cross-functional awareness. It is a contradiction to an I-shaped person, who is just a functional expert. A T-shaped can go beyond their area of expertise. Having T-shaped employees makes working together much easier as I-shaped people often have trouble understanding other experts and coming to a common solution if put in the same project. They lack the knowledge to find the most suitable solution at the intersection of all of their areas of expertise.

7. Constant Cooperation with Wirtualna Polska

9 reasons to start a programmer career in WEBSENSADespite being a rather small company, we work with big names. One of them is Wirtualna Polska, we are in constant cooperation with. We provide them with solutions from the field of AdTech with the use of AI and Big Data technologies.

8. The psychological profile of our employees

For us, competences are not the most important aspect of a person when we consider hiring them. Skills CAN and SHOULD increase and diversify with time. We pay more attention to: 

  • intelligence – where we assess the person’s ability to learn and solve problems they didn’t have the opportunity to solve before,

  • soft skills – being open to development, eager to take risks, open-minded,  open to self-growth and development. 

We want people who will be able to take risks to check new ways and possibly find better solutions. That is much more important to us than qualifications because that will naturally raise here, working for WEBSENSA :D.

9. Multiple benefits

9 reasons to start a programmer career in WEBSENSAIn addition to the reasons mentioned above, we have plenty of other benefits that come with developing programmer career at WEBSENSA.

We offer:

  • Friendly atmosphere and work in a young & dynamic team
  • Flexible working hours
  • An office in an attractive location
  • Loose work atmosphere
  • Unlimited coffee, snacks and Friday breakfasts
  • Not a corporate atmosphere
  • Private medical care & Multisport card

What do these benefits mean to us?9 reasons to start a programmer career in WEBSENSA

  • Friendly atmosphere and work in a young team = regular outings, Friday breakfasts, common workshops

  • Flexible working hours = we pay attention to the results of one’s work and not the number of hours spent in the office, so it depends on us when we come and when we finish the workday

  • An office in an attractive location = located 2 km from the Central Station and a 5-minute walk from the Łazienki Park; sounds attractive, doesn’t it?
  • Loose work atmosphere = it doesn’t mean an informal dress code but one that is non-existent; in other words, you can come in your favourite sweatshirt or as if you were attending the Paris Fashion Week
  • Unlimited coffee and tea = no, you won’t have to feel awkward if you take a 5th cup during one day
  • Not a corporate atmosphere = this should be self-explanatory by now ?


We are in constant need of talented developers, so take a look at our job offers HERE. If you think that you would make a good addition to the team, send your resume and possibly find out! ?