As a growing business in an IT world, we are always in search of ambitious programmers who are eager to learn, strive for self-improvement, and are not short of soft skills.

Jak wygląda proces rekrutacji w firmie WEBSENSA? (programista)Our recruitment process is somewhat standard, however with few alterations. It has been made to increase our chances of hiring people who not only will be valuable additions to the team in terms of knowledge but also will be easy to cooperate with and will fit right into our work culture.

The capability to learn and solve problems are defined by intelligence, while technical skills can be improved in time

We look beyond knowledge when searching for potential employees. We value intelligence and soft skills above current competences as we believe that technical skills can and should improve. Intelligence defines the capability to learn and solve new problems, while soft skills identify one’s work ethics, the ability to work in a team, communicate, and acclimate in a new environment.

We search for people who are independent, responsible and want to be at least in some way versatile. We provide an environment that allows our employees developing into a T-shaped person and that’s why we search for people who strive to evolve outside their area of expertise.

The recruitment process in WEBSENSA step by step:

Step 1: Your CV caught our attention

Proces rekrutacji w firmie WEBSENSA: Krok 1: Twoje CV przyciągnęło naszą uwagęThis step is self-explanatory. Your resume portrayed a person who is skilled and shows potential. On the face of it, it seems as you could be a valuable addition to our team.

Step 2: We schedule a call or a video conversation

It’s a short conversation, approximately 15-20 minutes, during which we will shed some light onto the means of work at Websensa – the technologies we use, the types of projects we work on, etc. Furthermore, we will explain to you the entire recruitment process.

During this step we are the ones doing most of the talking and explaining and the only questions you might have to answer will be about your availability or another organisational issue. In the end, we will assign you a task.

Step 3: We assign ‘homework’

Proces rekrutacji w firmie WEBSENSA: Krok 3: Zadamy „pracę domową”As mentioned in the previous step, we will give you a task to complete (source code to program). The purpose of this assignment is to let us see your approach to the project – how you planned the entire process, how you communicated with us throughout it, and how good your time management skills are.

This ‘homework’ is not meant to give you a hard time and to check your competences in the field. That is because, as mentioned before, the competences can always improve. That’s why the task is fairly simple and chosen to fit your skills. As long as you are true to your experience and skills in the field you will have no problem completing the ‘homework’.

It’s meant to allow us to ‘get inside your head’. We want to know whether you not only possess some knowledge of the programming language but also are capable of creating a code of a person who ‘thinks like a programmer’.

The Task Form

Proces rekrutacji w firmie WEBSENSA: Formuła zadaniaThe task doesn’t have a form of a test and any strict limits implicated on it. We provide you with an assignment description and expect you to define the scope of the task, the time you will need to complete it, and its due date. You are given the opportunity to plan the entire process yourself and complete it at your home.

When checking your work, we learn your approach to programming and organising code. What is important to us, is that we see not only the results but the entire process. When it comes to communication, we want to see how true you are to your word and how well you can assess the time needed for the assigned task. We are curious what is your ‘style’ of communication (Are you an inquirer? Do you ask questions? Do you make sure there are no misunderstandings?).

Step 4: We will schedule a job interview with you

Proces rekrutacji w firmie WEBSENSA: Krok 4: Zaplanujemy z tobą rozmowę kwalifikacyjnąAfter checking your task, if the entire process will satisfy us, we will invite you to a job interview at our office or online. It won’t be much different from any other job interview. We will verify your knowledge, see your way of thinking, your communication style. It can be important whether you match our before mentioned, psychological profile.

We will discuss what type of projects would be the most exciting for you to work on

At this stage, we want to find out what projects you’ve worked on and which was your most interesting one. We aim to hear about your experience in a bit more detail than we have on the resume. We will discuss where you see yourself in the company and what type of projects would be the most exciting for you to work on. During the conversation, we check whether you encompass the range of required IT knowledge. What’s more, we will pay attention to your demeanor and analyse the way of communication.

Additionally, we search for traces of engagement in your past projects.  We pay close attention to the capability to clearly express yourself and be open to other people and new experiences. We find those who are more withdrawn to have bigger issues with communication and teamwork. These two are crucial due to our project work.

Step 5: We will inform you about our decision

Proces rekrutacji w firmie WEBSENSA: Krok 5: Poinformujemy Cię o decyzjiIf everything works out between both parties of job interview we will schedule another meeting, or call, or e-mail you to discuss the details of your employment at WEBSENSA. We will talk over and elaborate on your job duties and the conditions of your employment.

However, if for some reason we will find you not to be the right match, we will inform you about the decision. We will also let you know the reasons that stand behind it.

Step 6: Welcome to WEBSENSA!

You got a job in a great company – full of helpful and inspiring people! You can be sure that it is a good place to develop both your technical and soft skills.

We will do everything in our power to provide you with a good career path. It means the tasks that fit your predispositions and match your aspirations, goals, and character.